Samsung Announced NX300M Tizen OS Powered Camera

Samsung Announced NX300M

Samsung is planning to launch Tizen OS based devices in the future, as company announced the Tizen 3.0 operating system at the Developer Summit in Korea. With announcement of Tizen 3.0, they also announced Tizen 2.2.1 version with new privacy control and system framework.

Not only this, Samsung announced a NX300M first Tizen OS powered camera in the South Korea only. The New Tizen 3.0 sport 64-bit chipset, according to appearance, it boost camera booting speed as fast as twice than Linux based cameras, and increased camera capturing performance with 20 MP ( Megapixel ) at 9 shots per second.

More Features of Tizen 3.0 OS are multiple user support with protection, Better 3D Rendering engine, Updated core and ToolChain.

The Tizen OS running smartphones are expected to available in Q3 2014. We don't have more details right now, but it would be rumored in Q1 next year.