Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker | Review

Sonos Play:1

New Compact and affordable wireless speakers has been launched by Sonos, named Sonos Play:1. This speaker designed to be power efficient, easy to carry size and affordability.

If we compare this compact wireless speaker size with other compact speaker, the size isn't big and small, which gave it a powerful audio. The Sonos Play:1 is smaller and heavier with impressive sound.

It have a interesting thing, you can add many speakers to the home to play sound tracks and connect through Ethernet to the home network. The company is providing a range of speakers that connect to the home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Sonos Play:1 Speaker

You can control Sonos system by applications for iOS, Android platforms. Control speaker volume, playback and you can add more web services.

The Sonos Play:1 is an impressive compact wireless speaker system which cost you U.S. $199.