Prong PocketPlug case for iPhone 5 | Recharge Battery without Adapter

Prong PocketPlug case

I've reviewed many iPhone cases on the market, protection cases, battery cases. But today i'll introduce to iPhone 5 case that directly connect to a wall outlet and recharge your iPhone without a charger as well as the case also protect your iPhone 5 to physical damage.

Let's take a look at 'Prong PocketPlug case' for iPhone 5, it's a unique case , emergency charger, no need to carry iPhone charger with you at all times.

The Prong PocketPlug case comes with speakers ports, microphone on the front of case and a headphones port on the bottom of the case. The case has two prongs on the back side, flip them up to use them to recharge your iPhone 5. However, the case also have another option to recharge your iPhone 5 via a micro USB port.

Prong PockerPlug is average in thickness ( 18 mm ) and weighs ( 71 grams ). You can buy this amazing case at $69.95 in black and white color.