Nokia Guru With NFC Leaked On Twitter | Portable Music Player

Nokia Guru

Nokia is working on portable music player like the iPod Shuffle which supports NFC connectivity called Nokia Guru. This Nokia Guru appears an MP3 player.

The upcoming Nokia Guru and more other Nokia products is expected to unveil at its October 22 press event in Abu Dhabi.

Nokia Guru leak tweet published by @evleaks Twitter account. The twitter account evleaks mentioned that iPod shuffle + NFC is equal to Nokia Guru.

Nokia Guru With NFC

It seems that there is a very good for Nokia to end up with Nokia Guru as a portable music player with NFC capability feature. Who uses this NFC feature knows very well, this will pave a way for transfer of songs. Nokia has been tapping into music with a new unique way, see Nokia Music for coverage on the windows Phone app.