Seagate Wireless Plus HDD | Share and Enjoy via. Wi-Fi | Review Features, Specifications, Prices

Seagate Wireless Plus HDD
Seagate has launched second generation wireless hard disk drive for Portable devices via. Wi-Fi. The Wireless Plus model comes with single 1TB of Storage, which is double that of the GoFlex Satellite. This will let you carry 100+ HD movies, 1000+ Audio songs, Photos, documents and other several files with you everywhere anyplace.

Seagate wireless plus is useful for apple ipad, iphone, android and other Wi-Fi supported devices. The Wireless plus can serve HD video streams smoothly to three devices at same time, but can serve even more devies if some are streaming audio or SD videos.

Wireless Plus uses the Seagate Media app to connect with an iOS, Android or other portable device as a network drive on a computer. The Wireless plus generates it own Wi-Fi hotspot and your devices have to be connected to it to access its content. The Wireless plus can route the Internet by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot and you can surf Internet via your device. You'll manage the Internet connection through Seagate media app on your phone or tablet.


  • Wireless stream your media and files to smartphones, Mac, PC's and tablets.
  • Seagate Media app for Android phones, iPad, iPhone, Kindle fire devices for free. (Free Download from there stores.)
  • You can carry 500+ movies or thousands of songs, photos and documents everywhere.
  • Stream up to 3 different HD movies to 3 portable devices at same time.
  • Officially up to 10 hrs of battery life (works 4 to 5 hrs when playing HD videos)
  • It has one USB 3.0 slot for backup your computer.
  • Wi-Fi range of 150 feet and it's not dual-band, the connection is 2.4GHz.

You can buy Wireless plus HDD at Seagate official website.
Price declared for Wireless Plus HDD at US-$200, INR-Rs 16000/-, EURO-£191.