Earn money online through writing articles | Top 10 websites that helps you to earn money

Earn money online through writing articles

If you love to writing articles or you are a professional writer then, must work like data entry, writing articles etc. on online website which pay you for each article or each wordsIf you want to earn money fast then you can contribute your articles to websites or sell it in article marketplaces. If your article gets approved, you'll get paid for it almost instantly. Break free from relying too much on freelancing sites, and have a look at these top 10 websites that get you paid whenever your article gets accepted.


    Alexa Traffic Rank: 174
    Google Page Rank: 7
    Unique Visits Per Month: 9 million
    Page Views Per Month: 4 million

    Squidoo is a well-known website for publishing pages called as "Lens". There are several topics covered and users have the freedom to manage the content just like your own website. Other than publishing lenses, Squidoo is also a social platform where you can connect to millions of squidoo users.

    You can earn in Squidoo in several ways. When you publish a lens, and it becomes popular, you'll earn a little money. Also, you'll find other earning opportunities like selling Amazon or eBay products that are included by default in every lens.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 9438
    Google Page Rank: 5
    Unique Visits Per Month: 100,000
    Page Views Per Month: 4.5 million

    Triond is one of the ways on how to earn money writing online. Upload your article in Triond and have it get accepted in minutes. Just make the article popular to increase views in order to increase your earning capacity.

    Triond accepts articles instantly because they have no human editors and reviewers. However, don't just submit any article or copy some content online because it will reflect to your credibility as a writer. Other than earning articles through page views, you can also add affiliate links to your articles, but remember not to overdo it.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 207,042
    Google Page Rank: 5
    Unique Visits Per Month: 2,000
    Page Views Per Month: n/a

    eCopywriters is an online article writing site which hires copywriters to assist clients in building quality content. The payout is very high, on the average, writers can get paid for $25 per hour, but there's a catch. You need to be a professional writer to take part in their projects. They have different level of writers, and the top level writer can earn as much as 30 cents per word.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 117,056
    Google Page Rank: 2
    Unique Visits Per Month: 1500
    Page Views Per Month: n/a

    QualityGal is another content writing service to where you can send articles and get paid. It offers a lot of tasks, not just writing basic articles. You can do editing, write general articles, write blog posts, newsletters, and even do press releases. You can get paid $15 per article at a minimum.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 47,646
    Google Page Rank: 4
    Unique Visits Per Month: 7500
    Page Views Per Month: 20,000

    For some quick money CloudCrowd can help you with that. CloudCrowd provides small projects to clients from writing 100-word product descriptions, editing or proofreading content, to categorizing products. CloudCrowd pays $2 per product description, so if you are fast enough, you can earn as much as $40 per hour. One of the features I liked about CloudCrowd is that once your work is approved, you'll get your payments on the next business day. Another advantage is if you provide high quality work, you can earn bonuses.

    However, CloudCrowd is one of the most challenging money-earning websites I have encountered. You will be rated by credential points, and if gets low, you'll get yours account suspended. Clients are also strict; therefore, you should be careful and be sure that everything is what the client asked for or else it will get rejected and you'll receive negative credential points.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,623
    Google Page Rank: 6
    Unique Visits Per Month: 3 million
    Page Views Per Month: 25,000

    WiseGeek is a portal for clear, and concise information about every day topics. You need to submit informative articles to be able to earn money. Don't worry about proofreading because you will have your own content editor that will guide you through all your articles. Before you can have a personal content editor, you need to produce at least 5 articles. Then after that, you can start earing money from their site.

    WiseGeek pays a flat fee between $11 to $14 per article, and it depends on the topic or category. However, if you are able to produce 2 quality articles within an hour, your earning potential will increase to $22 and $28 per hour.
  7. XOMBA

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 34,027
    Google Page Rank: 4
    Unique Visits Per Month: 4000
    Page Views Per Month: 20,000

    Write just about anything from articles, how tos, to opinions or anything at your hearts content. It's a Google Adsense revenue sharing site, so if you have Adsense, you can put your Adsense account in Xomba. What I like about Xomba is that it doesn't take a 300 nor 500 words to earn money, all you need is just a hundred word post per day. The amount you can earn depends on the popularity of your posts.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 5,301
    Google Page Rank: 5
    Unique Visits Per Month: 100,000
    Page Views Per Month: 4,000

    Flixya is not just about sharing articles, you can also share videos and images and earn money from it. What is best about Flixya is that you'll get 100% of the revenue you make from creating videos, posting images, and creating your own page.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 11,293
    Google Page Rank: 4
    Unique Visits Per Month: 10,000
    Page Views Per Month: 3,000

    Bukisa is a revenue sharing website that when you publish informative content, which attracts a lot of readers, you'll earn money. You need to have a Google Adsense account to start earning revenues. The amount you can earn depends on your article so keep in mind to create informative articles that will keep your readers engaged.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,354
    Google Page Rank: 2
    Unique Visits Per Month: 40,000
    Page Views Per Month: 100,000

    Break Studios is another money-making website that has a different approach. All you need to do is write a content based on the article title they have given. Once approved, you'll be notified about it and get paid. However, they only release payments at the end of the month but expect that your articles will get published on high quality sites which can also help increase your writer credibility.