Free Direct Download | Google Chrome (v22) 22.0.1229.0 For Windows/Mac OS X

Google Chrome (v22) 22.0.1229.0

Google has released version 22 of their popular Chrome web browser available for direct download link for windows & Mac OS X and while it doesn’t come with a huge list of changes, there are a couple of features to get excited about if you are concerned with security.
Google has infused Chrome with the fully hardware-accelerated Pepper Flash plug-in for Windows users, resulting in what has been described as unrivalled protection against malicious Flash apps found lurking on the Internet.

Review of Google Chrome : ↓
Two gripes I have had with Google Chrome is:

a) It does not allow me to place the tabs at the bottom AND does not have an extension that allows it.

b) I happen to be working in the Middle East and Google just thrusts Arabic in my face!!! I have no clue of Arabic and its sometimes so difficult to set the language or go through setups if the interface is in a language one does not understand. I wonder why Google bases languages on the region.

Free Direct Download Google Chrome (v22) 22.0.1229.0 For Windows : → Click Here
Free Direct Download Google Chrome (v22) 22.0.1229.0 For Mac OS X : → Click Here