Motorola Droid RAZR HD Images | Leaks | News

Back in April of this year is when we first heard about an upcoming Motorola smartphone called the Droid Razr HD and
although Motorola has not provided a lot of official details about this device, analysts have been able to piece together information from the continuous drips of information that have been leaked.

For instance, the fact that this device came with a high definition display screen came from an EXIF which had been uploaded by a Motorola Mobility engineer. This EXIF beared the Droid Razr HD moniker. Today, we got our first glimpse at the device through a series of pictures that were uploaded at Droid-Life. Although the images may not be of the best quality, they do paint a more complete picture of the upcoming mobile phone, one that might peak the interest of those that are in the market for a new handset.

Right of the bat, the back plate of this device does show the Verizon logo making it clear that this device will be heading to at least this mobile carrier, gaining access to the carrier’s 4G LTE network. We also know now that the material used for the construction of the back plate includes Kevlar giving the handset a degree of durability from both environmental conditions and accidental drops. The top center of the back panel also reveals the inclusion of a camera along with both an LED flash and a speaker. A second snap of the side panel shows that Motorola has included a single USB and microHDMI data port. Powered by a Snapdragon S4 dual-core CPU, this device is expected to offer 720p HD video capture.

What’s not known at this time is just when the device will officially launch though some are suggesting it won’t be much longer, perhaps within 60 days.