Make Huge Money With Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger | Review

Blogger introduced Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger, a gadget that can help you earn money by displaying ads for a relevant product to a blog post and earn some commission when visitor clicks on ad and make purchase.

Blogger user may not have been able to see the gadget even though you have an AdSense account. Blogger changed this so that all Blogger users located only in the U.S. with an AdSense account have the ability to see that gadget in ther post editor and can sign up to use Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger.

More advertisers and products: The types of advertisers and products available when the gadget became available were in categories such as Department Stores, Sport and Fitness, Office Supplies, Home & Garden, and Apparel & Accessories. Blogger now added 40 more advertisers and expanded our offering to include products in the Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Flowers Edibles & Gifts, Education, and other categories.

Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger is easy to use, and is a great solution for those users interested in choosing the products and brands they want to promote in their blog posts.

Here are two examples of a Blogger user finding a relevant affiliate ad: