Vending Machine 2.0 with transparent HD display hits Japan

There are vending machines all over the world, but most of those vending machines don’t have any special functionality, but if you’re looking for a special vending machine, you might be interested in today’s model.

This vending machine is called Vending Machine 2.0, and it is developed by Sanden, Okaya, and Intel, and unlike other vending machines, this one comes with 65-inch transparent display with HD resolution. Vending Machine 2.0 works rather simple, when there are no customers around the display shows digital clock and various animations to attract potential customers.
 As for the display, it can produce text, pictures, and animations in HD quality, but as soon as the potential customer stands in front of the machine, facial recognition determents the person’s gender and age, and it displays specific adds to the that person.
Vending Machine 2.0 is one of the kind vending machine, and its developers already hold the 30% of the global market share, and they are active in US as well, so after Japan we will see Vending Machine 2.0 in US well someday in the future.