Socl, Microsoft’s New Social Network

Microsoft is developing a Social Network..?  the answer is yes , all those rumors you’ve been hearing for the past few months are true. Microsoft has finally made their move into the social networking with FuseLabs latest and secret project called,

Microsoft is now plotting to enter into the Battle of Social Networks with a brand new social network called and they made the website as in  which pronounces the word Social, when combined. is still under development but the site is now open for a limited amount of users as it is currently on a testing period to get feedbacks from the users. luckily thanks to a friend of mine, who has sent me an invite, I have managed to get inside of this social network to get a little peek at it to see what’s this fuss is all about.  Honestly my first impression was like “WOW its Awesome,” because it really is awesome.

Specially The design and the colors they have chosen for the site is simply brilliant, it really liven up the whole website. and in comparison to other social networks, this site has a breathtaking and easy to navigate design which defeats the Pale and Dull looking design  of the Facebook and Google+.  And it also has all the main features of a social Network along with  few new things.
Microsoft describes the network as a project to deliver new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work as a search and social networking tool, which aims to combine your search with social and the web to bring you the best personalized search experience ever. It’s like the Google’s new Search Feature which personalize your search with Google+ profiles (it is most certain that Google must have stolen the idea from

i have to say content sharing system of does look a little bit similar to the Google+ and also its really not easy to update your Status Update because you will have to go through few clicks before posting on your Feed. Network still lacks in so many ways but it is only the beginning of a new era. im sure soon we will be seeing a new and improved version of this site entering War against Facebook and Google+.
Microsoft Never starts a Project without a plan, so This site will definitely end up as a top class Social Network in the future and maybe considering the features, facilities and the stunning easy navigating design, this site might overtake Facebook as well.  as far as it seems, the war Between the Social Giants, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is just going to get better, when the hits public.
Anyone can try out, if you could ask a friend to send you an Invite.  Speaking of invite, I got great news for you guys,  as a reward to all my readers  I will send  invites to the First 5 People who Comments in this post. so be sure to include your Facebook Email in your comments,  as currently can only be accessed through your Facebook profile.