Notebak Anti-Theft Review

Notebook Anti-Theft – Nowadays, you can suddenly lost your laptop just in a blink of an eye since crime is everywhere. The first thing that you might do after found your laptop gone,  got so panic and do not know what to do. Confused is might also be one of the things that you do too. You might not going through that scene if you had already installed Notebak Anti-Theft inside your laptop. What is that? Notebak Anti-Theft is an anti-theft application for your laptop in order to prevent those lost laptop thing so that you can be a bit relax and not get really panic and confuse about what you should do when you found your laptop gone. Note, you should installed it properly with the correct configuration also to have the security side of this Notebak Anti-Theft.

During the installation of this Notebak Anti-Theft, you should make password to connect your laptop with your Notebak Anti-Theft website portal. You should also make another different secret password too that can not have the same password with the first one. You will need this password when you are about to make an installation request with your laptop.

For opening Notebak Anti-Theft local client on your laptop. you should make a double click on its icon or press Shift + Ctrl + V. You can also hide this Notebak Anti-Theft if you want to. If you use this Notebak Anti-Theft feature, the only way to re-open it again is by using keystroke.
Every each time you wanted to leave your laptop alone, you should really making a protection with your windows so that nobody can see what you are up to. Notebak Anti-Theft can not do this stuff for you since it can not see whether you are in front of your laptop or not. But though, it can suddenly lock your laptop automatically if the thief close your laptop lid or unplug the power supply.

You can choose some different key alarm on your Notebak Anti-Theft. The only alarm if the lid is closing or the power supply is unplug is just not enough since the thief can push the power button to turn off your Notebak Anti-Theft. That is why you should make a careful configuration on your Notebak Anti-Theft in order to give the best protection on your laptop.