iWatch 2 concept images – wearable computer

I generally wear iPod nano as a watch, but with Android wrist-top gadgets that offer more features reaching the market, it is feeling a little behind the times these days. Something like Antonio De Rosa’s new iWatch2 idea design is much more in maintaining with what I would expect Apple to offer in the upcoming future of wearable computing products.
Like the iPhone SJ idea before it, De Rosa’s iWatch 2 (which is itself a refresh of an older iWatch design) appears to be something that you could simply imagine gracing the desk of Apple layout guru Jony I have at this very moment: It has the aluminum and glass attraction of the iPhone 4 and 4S, along with an on-screen UI that looks convincingly iOS motivated.

In spite of what Apple really has planned in the way of wearable wrist-top computing, I however want this idea to fly out of my dreams and on to my wrist. What about you?