20 Million Samsung Galaxy S II Sold In 10 Months

Late yesterday afternoon, Samsung had some success that they wanted to share with the media and this news was not so much about an upcoming product release, but rather a milestone that the company has reached. As of yesterday, the hardware maker has confirmed that the Galaxy S II product line has reached global sales of 20 million devices.

It took the company approximately 10 months to reach this milestone and seeing that after 5 months, Samsung had 10 million units sold, it would seem that sales have been relatively consistent since the device was first released. Compared to the original Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II needed about 7 fewer months to reach the 20 million mark and when you combine the overall sales of both devices and see that there are 40 million units sold, it’s pretty safe that they’ve seen some success with the Galaxy range of products.
Like all products, the Galaxy S II does have its own life cycle and since October 2011, sales have started to slow down just slightly indicating that though this is still an important device for the company, it may no longer be the cornerstone of their product line. To get the full picture of the life cycle of this unit, it will be interesting to see just how the sales figures look a few months down the road.