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Recover Permanently Deleted Files (Removed From Recycle Bin)

*Updated 7/14/10 to better software* You might be able to recover files you permanently deleted if you acted fast enough.

The Simplest (And Most Creative) Way To Hide Your Private Pictures And Videos In iPhone

This app disguises as a working calculator in your iPhone dashboard. (See below screenshot) However if you type in the secret number combination, you'll be able to access your private pictures and videos!
Features include:

Flickr Protects Copyright Images Disabling Pinterest

Photo sharing can be a great way of sharing content with your circle of friends that have the same interest as you do, but whether it is done innocently or deliberately, there is always the possibility of violating copyright rules.

The Simplest Way To SMS A Group Of People On The iPhone

Tired of adding the same contacts one by one before sending a group message?
Here's a free app to ease the process :)

The Simplest Way To Download Youtube Video As MP3 (or Any Video Formats)

Often we come across some youtube songs, accompany by MV or just the album cover, that we wish to download as MP3.

The Simplest Way To Remote Control Your PC Anywhere On Your Android Device

Now you can bring along your home PC anywhere as long as you have your Android device with you (and a Data Plan of course).

5 Most Telling Takeaways From Tim Cook’s Goldman Sachs Keynote

Tuesday afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the keynote speech at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. Cook’s presentation ranged from discussion of Apple’s supply chain strategy in China to how the iPad is cannibalizing computer sales.

How To Install Turbo C in Windows 7|Turbo C++ Emulator|DOSBox

Download and Install Turbo C/C++

C interface

This tutorial helps you to Run 16 bit Borland Turbo C/C++ in your 64 or 32 bit Windows7, it requires a Emulator to run in your windows OS. 

The best method is Download and Install DOSBox Emulator,
This Emulator works well in Windows,Linux,Mac.

Step 1 : Download and Install DOSBox 
            (Copy and Paste above link to your browser and Hit Enter)

Step 2 : Open DOSBox (Turbo C++) from you Desktop

Step 3 : Thats it, Now Use your Programming Skills and Make Good Programs

Alternatives to DOSBox
If you don't like DOSBox Try Turbo C Simulator

How to Convert Normal Sim Card to Micro Sim

Simple Steps to  Convert Normal Sim Card to Micro Sim

micro sim
Micro Sims are already Launched by all Mobile Companies, because the high end phones and Tablets Iphone 4,Ipad,Nokia Lumia etc.. needs Micro Sim Cards.
So first you need to contact your Service Provider ask for Micro Sim, if your Carrier not offering Micro Sim card., Don't Worry You can convert your Sim card to a Micro sim Card.

1. Exclude and Mark all the White Part of the Sim (12mm x 15mm is the STD  Size of micro sim)
Do this with the help of Ruler and Marker, be carefull while cutting the edges, it will ruins ur sim permenantly.

micro sim cutting

2. Use a Scissor to cut along these marked lines

micro sim

Now Enjoy your new Smart Phone

How to Create 100 Desktops From Single CPU|N Computing

100 users on a single operating system

N Computing
NCOMPUTING Introduced Desktop Virtualization Software vSpace Serverits used convert a single CPU to 100 Working Desktops that means it creates virtual desktops in the shared PC by dividing the computer's resources into independent sessions that give each user their own PC experience.

How it Works

The combination of NComputing hardware and virtualization software (vSpace) use the full power of one PC or server to create multiple virtual desktops that means all you need is one CPU.

Benefits of NComputing

  • Minimizing Hardware Cost
  • Save Electricity and
  • Space
Visit ncomputing

How to Update Symbian Phone to New Symbian Anna | Review Features

how to Update Symbian OS
Update your Old Symbian Phone OS
Nokia and Symbian Just introduced the Brand new Symbian Belle OS, and Nokia introduced new smartphones with Symbian Belle the New Nokia 600, Nokia 603 ,Nokia 701, Nokia 700.

Symbian Belle OS Features : ↓
  • Free-form, differently-sized, live widgets: widgets like the clock, email, music player, favourite contacts and the calendar have been redesigned and now come in five different sizes and rearranged to create a completely personalised set of screens.
  • There are also new ‘Toggle’ widgets for tasks like switching on Bluetooth and changing profiles.More homescreens: with Symbian Belle the maximum number of homescreens rises from three to six, so now you can have absolutely everything close at hand.
  • Improved status bar: the status bar sports a modern, flat look and incorporates a pull down notifications tab that incorporates common settings and notification of incoming messages, missed calls and the rest.
  • Modernised navigation: the navigation and options bar at the bottom of the screen sports a modern, new look, similar to that first seen on the Nokia N9.
  • New apps: a new suite of powerful business apps from Microsoft includes Lync (IM for businesses, like Microsoft Communicator), Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcaster.
  • Informative lock screen: the lock screen now tells you about missed calls, messages in your inbox and more, so you can check your phone at a glance. You can now also add a coloured wallpaper to your lock screen.
  • NFC devices: With Symbian Belle, Near-Field Communications (NFC) is now deeply integrated into the operating system, so you can share pictures, connect with accessories, and check-in – all with just a tap.Visual multitasking: Now you can flick between larger live images of your open apps to see what’s going on at a glance and move quickly between your apps.

Symbian Belle is now available with latest Nokia and Other Symbian Powered Smartphone, but if you already have the latest Phone with Symian3 so you can update your current OS to the new Sybian Belle.

Symbian Belle compatible smartphones : ↓
Nokia N8, Nokia E6, Nokia E7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, Nokia X7

3. Methods to Update to Symbian Belle or Symbian Anna
  1. Go to Menu >Applications > Tools > Software Update
  2. Select the software update
  3. Follow the instructions on your display to install the update packages
  4. Download Nokia Ovi Suite in case you don't have it yet
  5. Connect your phones via USB to your PC and open Nokia Ovi Suite
  6. Select Tools > Software updates and follow the on-screen prompts
  7. Fill in the form with your details
  8. You will get a call from your selected Nokia Partner to fix up a time.
  9. Bring your phone to the store and we will upgrade it for you.