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Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse And Mobile/Tablet Keyboard | Review Prices

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse And Mobile/Tablet Keyboard

Microsoft latest combination of Wedge Touch Mouse And Mobile/Tablet Keyboard feels like desktop.
Microsoft purposes for mobile/tablet users to carry easily. The keyboard is super slim and lightweight yet provides full-sized keys for comfortable typing. Microsoft mouse uses Bluetooth technology for bluetooth enabled devices such as Tablets, Smartphones or Laptops.

Barnes & Noble Cut The Prices Of Nook Devices | Review Latest Slashed Price

Barnes & Noble

Tablet manufacturer, Barnes & Noble has cut the prices of three of its models of its Nook e-reader and tablet devices on August 12, 2012.

Window 8 Final Version 'N' Leaked On Web | Free Download Links To Files Sharing Sites

Window 8 Enterprise 'N' Leaked

Download available for Windows 8 final version has leaked onto the Internet just one day after Microsoft made the upcoming operating system available to OEM partners.

Windows 8 edition available, with several features that unique to it, such as Windows To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCache and AppLocker.

Window 8 Enterprise 'N' Bootable Detail : ↓
  • BUILD: → 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
  • SIZE: → 3,23 GB (3*474*915*328 bytes)
  • CRC32: → 4517C22E
  • MD5: → 1C92226234CD0ABBE82B8163FDB2723D
  • SHA-1: → 76DC79D1DF995348B184188E6007CECBD0A05BF1
NOTE: → This is original files distributive Windows 8 Enterprise N RTM in bootable ISO.
“ENTERPRISE-N” version Windows 8 not include Windows Media Player.

Free Download Window 8 Enterprise 'N' RTM x64 : → Click Here


Genius Imperator Pro keyboard launched in India | Keyboard Price | Review

Genius Imperator Pro keyboard

The professionally designed, Genius Imperator Pro keyboard lands in India with backlit attributes and no-look navigation to augment easy control during gaming hours. The device is developed specifically for MMORPG and RTS gaming.

Windows Phone 8 Announcement Soon | ReviewWindows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has managed to get the industry talking about the Redmond company with their recent tablet announcement, but the company is not finished with their announcements just yet.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD Images | Leaks | News

Back in April of this year is when we first heard about an upcoming Motorola smartphone called the Droid Razr HD and

Facebook App Center Is Coming Soon | News

Facebook has a new app that they are launching called App Center. It is currently being tested by a beta group of users and is expected to be made available on a more wider scale shortly.

ClamCase intro's MacBook Air-like dock for Android, iOS handsets | Review

Mobile accessory maker ClamCase has unveiled a new docking system that boosts your smartphone's IQ by lending it laptop-like functionality. Although today's top-end handsets are powerful enough for basic computing tasks, their small screens and cramped software keyboards make them far from ideal when it comes to real productivity.

Turn any object into a touchpad with MaKey MaKey invention kit | Review

  A pair of graduate students from MIT Media Lab have taken to Kickstarter to fund a project designed to turn anyone into an inventor. The MaKey MaKey invention kit allows an individual to turn just about any everyday object into an interactive touchpad.

The system works by using alligator clips to link the MaKey MaKey to virtually anything. The front of the unit features a directional pad and two buttons; a space bar and a left mouse click button. On the back of the circuit board are even more keyboard keys, additional mouse support and the ability to use the board like an Arduino.

Toshiba announces world's 1st 19nm MLC NAND Flash SSDs | Specifications

Toshiba today announced a new solid-state drive series called THNSNF that’s said to be the first built using 19nm NAND flash memory. The drive lineup comprises as many as eleven different models, spread across 9.5mm and  7.0mm height 2.5-inch variants in 64GB,128GB, 256GB and 512GB, as well as smaller mSATA drives for use in thin and light notebooks with capacities of either 64GB,128GB or 256GB.

Amazon brings Instant Video streaming service to the Xbox 360


Amazon has launched their Instant Video streaming service on the Xbox 360. The move comes just one month after Sony did the same thing on the PS3, allowing users to access their purchased or currently rented content from Amazon directly on the game console.

Yahoo Axis Browser Delivers Visual Search

Microsoft has Internet Explorer, Google has Chrome and Apple has Safari. There’s even talk that Facebook has been considering the launch of their own web browser.

Amazon Selling Ad Space On Kindle Fire Welcome Screen

All public companies are looking for new revenue streams and Amazon Inc. is no different. Today, we have learnt that the online retailer believes that the latest revenue stream for the company will come by way of ad space that it wants to sell on the Kindle Fire welcome page.

Amazon Kindle Fire With Front Lit Display Available This Summer

Lately, it would seem that much of the news surrounding Amazon has had to do with their Kindle Fire, the customized Android tablet that garnered serious headlines during the Christmas shopping season due to its success.

Amazon Kindle Fire Sales Take Drastic Tumble In Q1 2012

Kindle Fire

Amazon managed to sell 4.8 million tablets in Q4 2011 thanks in large part to its massive marketing campaign and the holiday shopping season, now the company has announced a drastic fall in Kindle Fire sales, racking up just 750,000 similar sales in Q1 2012.

When comparing overall market sales Amazon slipped from a 16.8 percent market share in Q4 2011 to just a 4 percent market share during the most recently reported quarter. In comparison Apple’s Q4 market share rose from 54.7 percent to 68 percent thanks to the strength of 11.8 million iPad sales.

For Amazon a slip in Amazon Kindle Fire sales is bad news, the company already sells the tablets as a loss-leader, recuperating money through the sale of digital goods found inside the Amazon marketplace. The company also has a lot invested in the tablet market as it continues to shift its attention further away from traditional e-Readers, which will always share a place on Amazon shelves, to the more robust usability of Google Android based devices.

Amazon isn’t the only Android based tablet manufacturer who saw losses, apparently the downward trend in Android based tablets was witnessed by almost all manufacturers following the end of the Q4 selling season. Analysts believe that Apple’s choice to keep the lower priced iPad 2 on the market after the new iPad arrived in March has helped the company attract more buyers, while its efforts to align with educational facilities is greatly improving sales numbers.

Following in Amazon’s declining sales Samsung has reclaimed the number two sales spot int he tablet market while Lenovo and Barne & Noble Nook tablets round out the top five.

In the meantime Amazon is expected to launch a new 10-inch tablet in 2012.

Meet LaserSaber, a Lightsaber Clone of Spectacular Intensity

Almost 10 years ago, the world scoffed at Star Wars Kid, but hardcore LARP nerds knew he was on to something: Lightsaber-inpired pantomime is damn good fun.

Microsoft Eliminates DVD Playback From Windows 8

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8 is being readied for a commercial launch but prior to that, we’re starting to hear more and more about what Microsoft will and will not include in the upcoming OS.

What a Facebook Phone Will Look Like: Features and OS

We heard it five months ago and we’re hearing it again: Facebook is working on its own smartphone. It’s a rumor that sends the mind reeling with speculation. What, exactly, would a super-social phone even look like?

Sony SmartWatch lets you read your emails and notifications on your wrist

Recently we covered Pebble E-Paper Wristwatch that pairs up with your smartphones, and if you’re looking for another smart wristwatch, today we have latest model that comes from Sony.

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone to Pack New Quad-Core CPU

Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone is going quad-core.