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Dell Precision M3800 Workstation Ready to Release on November 14

Dell Precision M3800
Dell has announced release date of its first thinnest and lightest workstation, named the Precision M3800 touchscreen capable Mobile Workstation on November 14.

Dell Precision M3800 sports an Intel fourth generation Haswell Core i7 processor with 16 GB of memory and in association with NVIDIA Quadro 2GB graphics card which supports multiple external displays with 4K resolution as well.

The Precision M3800 is a  15.6-inch incredibly vivid QHD multi-touch display with 3200 x 1800 pixels resolution. Multi-touch display supports up to 5-fingers.

Precision M3800 workstation is 18mm thin at just 2.04 Kgs. It comes with 91Wh battery option which delivers up to 10 hours battery life. The Dell Precision M3800 will price you at $1,800.

Talk To The Hand: Take Phone Call Using Bluetooth-Enabled Glove | Winter Handsfree | Price

Talk To The Hand

Humans created many of unusual creations and today we have a handfree glove that allows you to take phone calls without taking their phone out of pocket. These gloves are known as 'Talk to the Hand'.

O2 and artist Sean Miles worked together. Both created pair of gloves that allows to answer phone calls simply by gestures with your hand. These gloves have a speakers located into the thumb and a in-built microphone in the ( pinky ) little finger that can be connected to any mobile phone using bluetooth. 

Don't worry of its battery life, according to company fully charged battery will last 10 days of standby-time and 20 hrs of talktime. The glove charges via a micro USB port which is in-build in it.

"Main aim behind this Talk to the Hand project is to raise awareness on recycling old and wasted mobiles and gadgets", according to Sean Miles. As for the availability and price, no information is available at the moment.

Charge Your Smart phone with Power Pocket | Vodafone Sleeping Bag Charger | Review

Vodafone Power Pocket

Cellphone battery life is more important. Now no need to worry about your phone battery life, Vodafone has announced a battery charger in the market called Power Pocket. This Power pocket prototype uses your body heat energy and convert it to electrical energy through which your phone get charge.

However, Power Pocket is developed by Vodafone and scientists from the university of Southampton, this Power Pocket is a sleeping bag that can charge your smartphone while you're sleeping or it can charge on dancing, walking as well.

Power Pocket

Power Pocket uses thermoelectric power generator technology. This prototype will give you 24 minutes of talktime and 11 hours of standby time after spending 8 hours in the bag. Power Pockets sounds great, but we have no information on availability and price.

Logitech Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Z600 | Support MacBook, UltraBook | Review | Price

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600

Logitech Z600 New Bluetooth Speakers comes to the market for your Apple devices like MacBook, UltraBook. The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers have premium design and high performance audio and are currently available for pre-order on Logitech official website at cost of US$149.99.

"The Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 were designed to resemble an object of art using shapes, materials and colors that meld with the modern living space and complement the look of ultra laptops. And with buit-in Bluetooth connectivity, a firest for Logitech multimedia speakers, these speakers are ideal for today's wireless, multi-device lifestyle." Said Charlotte Johs, Global Vice President of Brand Development and Portfolio for PC Accessories.

Latest Logitech Stereo Speakers Z600 pack includes 2 speakers with connectivity feature, a 3.5mm input, lay flat cables and a USB-Bluetooth transceiver. It offers you to connect up to three devices at the same time.

Microsoft Xbox One | Release Date | Features | News | Price

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed the exact date of arrival for its Xbox One, an Xbox One release date has been teased for November 27, with Amazon offering Xbox One pre-orders alongside the speculative launch date.

The Xbox One's listing on Amazon states quite plainly "this item will be released on November 27, 2013. Rumours have also been swirling that suggest Sony's PlayStation 4 will also be released in November, although both Sony and Amazon are yet to suggest a release date for the console.

A power games console with a raft of entertainment features thrown into the mix, the Xbox One specs sheet sees an eight-core processor line up next to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 500GB HDD. Connectivity-wise you've got 802.11n Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct functionality for exchanging data between devices - specifically the new Xbox controller.

With Microsoft recently announcing the Xbox One price at $499/£429, the 360 replacement will hit store shelves £80 more expensive than its main rival, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

"An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games. After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again,” Don Mattrick, Head of Xbox said in an official blog post.

Sony Bravia 4K | Sony Launched 55 Inch and 65 Inch LED TV | Ultra HD | Price

Sony Bravia 4K

Sony India today added two new models to its 4K TV portfolio and refreshed its Bravia line-up by unveiling 20 new television sets. The new models in Sony's 4K range have displays measuring 55-inch (KD-55X9004) and 65-inch (KD-65X9004) and are priced at Rs 3.05 lakh and Rs 4.05 lakh, respectively. The previous 4K TV that Sony unveiled cost Rs 17 lakh and had screen measuring 84-inch.

These 4K Ultra HD LED TVs have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times that of a full-HD TV. The extremely high resolution produces a wide range of colours and crystal clear images thereby offers an ultimate viewing experience. Users can plug in DVD and Blu-ray players and set-top boxes and these TVs convert the content into 4K resolution.

According to KenichiroHibi, managing director, Sony India, "Over the years, Sony India has established market leadership in flat-panel televisions category and we aim to further strengthen this position with the newly launched line-up of 4KBravia televisions. With the launch today, we are targeting a bigger market for 4K TVs by introducing the technology at a very strategic price-point. We will be increasing our Bravia marketing budget to Rs 250 crore and channel counters to 7,000 in FY13."

He added that the company would launch a new range of affordable and compact TV sets by the end of this year. "We will launch affordable television sets for tier II and III cities this year and keep prices around Rs 15,000," he said.

The company is expecting Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to boost volume, while sales of high-end products in the big metro markets will push its revenue margins. It is also targeting 20

ASUS Transformer Book Trio | Runs Window 8 and Android | Dual CPU | Dual Storage | Features

ASUS Transformer Book Trio

ASUS has revealed world’s first three-in-one notebook, tablet, and desktop PC a new hybrid device called Transformer Book Trio which runs both Windows 8 and Android on Intel Core i7 and Intel Atom processors respectively at Computex 2013.

The Asus Transformer Book Trio can be placed into a desktop dock, or used as an Android tablet or Windows 8 laptop, switching between both OS at the touch of a button.

No waiting for each different OS to boot. It features a 1,920 x 1,080 IPS 11.6-inch Android 4.2 Jelly Bean slate rocks an Intel ATOM processor running at 2.0 GHz, comes with 64GB of internal storage, 19.5Whr battery should last for around 15 hours running Android.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio Specifications

The Asus PC dock or the keyboard unit actually got its own mainboard, a Haswell Core i7 processor, a 33Whr battery, up to 1TB of built-in storage and running Windows 8 OS. Asus also updated the Transformer Pad hybrid tablet-laptop, giving it Nvidia's latest Tegra 4 processor. The 1.9GHz chip features ARM's Cortex A15 CPU and 72-core GeForce GPU.

Asus said. "Despite the different operating systems, the Transformer Book Trio has been designed to smoothly transition between modes, allowing users to sync data or continue to surf the webpage they’re on even when moving from notebook to tablet mode,"

The PC Station dock has its own 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, keyboard and 750GB hard drive, and with the tablet display detached, can be hooked up to an external display for use as a desktop PC. The PC Station also serves as a charger for the tablet for extended battery life. The tablet features a 2.0 GHz Intel® Atom™ processor and a 16:9 aspect ratio IPS display with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and up to 64GB storage.

No pricing indications by Asus but the product is confirmed to be available in Q3 this year.

What is Google Glass | How does Google Glass Works | Future Vision | Price | Release Date

What is Google Glass | How does Google Glass Works | Future Vision | Price | Release Date

Google officially launched their new Google Glasses(Head Mounted Display), Though Google announced its product last year, the new video provides "substantially more detail" about the headset's functionality, and a more accurate depiction of how it will actually look.


Google Glass is an attempt to free data from desktop computers and portable devices like phones and tablets, and place it right in front of your eyes. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, that can interact with the Internet via voice commands.

Essentially, Google Glass is a type of camera with display, battery and microphone in-built into spectacle frames so that you can perch a display in your field of vision, take pictures, search and translate where-ever you go.


What is Google Glass | How does Google Glass Works | Future Vision | Price | Release Date


Google hopes to launch Glass by early 2014, though the company is already pushing out developer editions, priced at $1,500. A consumer version will be available by the end of 2013 for under $1,500.

Seagate Wireless Plus HDD | Share and Enjoy via. Wi-Fi | Review Features, Specifications, Prices

Seagate Wireless Plus HDD
Seagate has launched second generation wireless hard disk drive for Portable devices via. Wi-Fi. The Wireless Plus model comes with single 1TB of Storage, which is double that of the GoFlex Satellite. This will let you carry 100+ HD movies, 1000+ Audio songs, Photos, documents and other several files with you everywhere anyplace.

Seagate wireless plus is useful for apple ipad, iphone, android and other Wi-Fi supported devices. The Wireless plus can serve HD video streams smoothly to three devices at same time, but can serve even more devies if some are streaming audio or SD videos.

Wireless Plus uses the Seagate Media app to connect with an iOS, Android or other portable device as a network drive on a computer. The Wireless plus generates it own Wi-Fi hotspot and your devices have to be connected to it to access its content. The Wireless plus can route the Internet by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot and you can surf Internet via your device. You'll manage the Internet connection through Seagate media app on your phone or tablet.


  • Wireless stream your media and files to smartphones, Mac, PC's and tablets.
  • Seagate Media app for Android phones, iPad, iPhone, Kindle fire devices for free. (Free Download from there stores.)
  • You can carry 500+ movies or thousands of songs, photos and documents everywhere.
  • Stream up to 3 different HD movies to 3 portable devices at same time.
  • Officially up to 10 hrs of battery life (works 4 to 5 hrs when playing HD videos)
  • It has one USB 3.0 slot for backup your computer.
  • Wi-Fi range of 150 feet and it's not dual-band, the connection is 2.4GHz.

You can buy Wireless plus HDD at Seagate official website.
Price declared for Wireless Plus HDD at US-$200, INR-Rs 16000/-, EURO-£191.

Charging Mobile With Hot Coffee OR Cold Drink | Temprature Based Mobile Charger

Temprature Based Mobile Charger for android, iphone ipad.

US company Epiphany Labs researchers has developed a mobile charger that charging your mobile phone with Hot coffee, cold coffee, soft drinks or chilled Beer.

The company claims that the two-sided Epiphany onE Puck converts the warmth of your hot cocoa or iced beverage into power for your phone. The lightweight device is portable enough to store in your purse or day bag for emergencies.

It uses something called a Stirling engine to turn heat into energy. Stirling engines were actually invented in 1816 as a rival to the steam engine, but its use was limited to low-power applications for a long time.

Temprature Based USB Mobile Charger

US company Epiphany Labs, based in New Castle, Pennsylvania, has built a working prototype and hopes to have it on the market early in 2014. The company is still vague on just how long it takes for the device to charge up a phone because there are a lot of variables at play, including how hot or cold the source is. Any source of heat that can fit on the Puck will work.

It works best with something that's very warm like a steaming cup of tea or coffee, or very cold like a well chilled beer or soft drink.

The Mobile Charger comes with a USB port that can charge any device that draws 1000mA or less. This means it can charge iPhones, Androids, iPods and other USB-based devices.

World's first flexible OLED smartphone Display unveiled by Samsung | Review Specifications

Samsung OLED Flexible Display

Samsung unveiled the world's first flexible screen smartphone. The screen is stretch up-to the right edge of the body. Edge screen of this mobile is slightly tilted over 45 degrees. This mobile is still unnamed and officials says it's just a prototype. I think this phone can display notifications on the edge. For example, while playing games in normal Android mobile phone you can't see the notification like message, e-mail and other stuffs. This extra screen will be helpful to see those things. It is a demo mobile and so the price is not available.

Full specification of this mobile is not available. Samsung staff released only limited specification.
  • 5-inch OLED wide screen.
  • aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • 720p HD screen resolution.
They placed this mobile in CES 2013 just for demo. This Mobile have Windows Phone operating system. Currently Samsung is working on a new OS "Sailfish". I think Samsung use Sailfish OS in their flexible type mobiles.

Flexible screen uses OLED technology and will be very thin. This kind of displays were made up of plastics and metal foil allowing to bend. Glass is not present in this type of display and so it won't break. This type of screens have advantages like lighter, thinner and shatterproof. 

Flexible display face problems like shorter lifetime. The ions present in the flexible display works only for 5 years. You can't view clearly under direct sunlight. Water damages this kind of display easily. But soon there will be water resistant displays.

Can iphone mini boost the apple Past | Iphone mini launch next year | Price | Review

iPhone Mini in 2014

Rumors saying that Apple plans to launch iPhone mini next year 2014. The iPhone mini is expecting at a price ranging from $200 to $250.

"We expect Samsung to slightly extend its lead over Apple this year because of its larger multitier product portfolio," Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, said in an e-mail interview with Reuters.

Global smartphone shipments will jump 27 percent to 875 million this year, slowing from last year's torrid 41 percent pace as growth is easing in many key markets such as North America, China, the developed economies of Asia, and Western Europe, Mawston said.

South Korea's Samsung Electronics is forecast to sell 290 million smartphones this year, up from a projected 215 million in 2012, the research firm said. Apple's smartphone sales are projected to reach 180 million this year, up 33 percent from last year, slightly trailing Samsung's 35 percent increase.

This will give Samsung a 33 percent share of the 2013 smartphone market, up from last year's estimated 31 percent, while Apple will hold 21 percent, versus last year's 20 percent.

The Korean handset maker has the edge over Apple in large part because it "plays in more segments," Mawston told Reuters, allowing it to "capture more volume than Apple."

To fight back, Apple may try to win over a larger base of consumers by launching a smaller, cheaper variant of the iPhone, dubbed the "iPhone Mini" by the analyst.

With the iPhone 5 grabbing huge demand and sales, a low-end model may not be on Apple's agenda this year.

There’s absolutely no evidence that Apple is working on an iPhone mini — but for that matter there’s wasn’t much to indicate that the company was working on the iPad mini either — but the rumors suggest a smaller, cheaper handset that will appeal to those who are interested in the iPhone but find the current offering too expensive.

While there’s no doubt that this would have huge appeal in the U.S., a cheap iPhone would have massive appeal in countries such as China and India. And if Apple can gain traction in these countries, it could add billions to its profits, and millions of new users every quarter.

Google preparing to launch X phone And X Tablet Next year probably | Review

Google preparing to launch X phone And X Tablet Next year

Google Inc is working with recently acquired Motorola on a handset codenamed "X-phone", aimed at grabbing market share from Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter. The devices are said to be separate from the Droid line of products, which leads us to believe they could be sold under the Nexus brand.

Google acquired Motorola in May for $12.5 billion to bolster its patent portfolio as its Android mobile operating system competes with rivals such as Apple and Samsung.

The Journal quoted the people saying that Motorola is working on two fronts: devices that will be sold by carrier partner Verizon Wireless, and on the X phone.

A person familiar with the plans said Motorola plans to enhance the X Phone with its recent acquisition of Viewdle, an imaging and gesture-recognition software developer. This person said obstacles are a “normal” part of the research-and-development process. Despite the challenges, the new handset is due out sometime next year.

Source : WJS

Microsoft Touch Develop: Web browser based app creator | Review Official windows 8 app creator

Microsoft Touch Develop app creator

Microsoft introduces a Touch Develop web App Creator for windows 8 and windows phone 8 users.
All know's that there’s a lot of us who come up with great ideas for apps for windows 8 and windows phone 8 but never act on it because of our relative lack of knowledge of programming but now, you can make app for windows 8 and windows phone 8 just by using web browser.

You will have to sign in via your Windows Live, Facebook, or Google account to access the TouchDevelop Web App page. Once that's done, you can begin your great app development career by watching some tutorial videos on how to use the available tools on the site to make Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 apps.

Source: Microsoft

Run Faster Your PC With DDR4 SDRAM | Review Final Specifications

DDR4 SDRAM Specifications

JEDEC has published the final specifications for DDR4 SDRAM. JEDEC promising this DDR4 SDRAM has more performance, reliability and efficiency than today's DDR3 SDRAM. According to DDR4 SDRAM touts a per-pin data rate of 1.6GT/s to 3.2GT/s (giga transfers per second), it has much faster speed than today's SDRAM.

Leaked Image: Blackberry 10 Smartphone | Review Specifications

Blackberry 10 Smartphone

Research in Motion(RIM) has already confirmed that BlackBerry 10 smartphones won't be shipping until late this year. The latest images, courtesy of BlackBerry Italia, show the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, codenamed BlackBerry London, in all its touchscreen glory.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Duos (Dual Sim) Smartphone Launched Soon | Review Smartphone Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Duos

Samsung Electronics is planning to Launch its recently launched much hyped next generation phone – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in a dual-SIM version. The dual SIM-card also popular for most Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and India

so that’s wroth for Samsung to built a dual-SIM card version for Galaxy Note 2. Specification are same as single sim slot smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is already making big news on the tech grounds for its highly anticipated power-packed features, including a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, 1.6GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 1.9MP front camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth with A2DP, a mammoth 3,100 mAh batter and an improved S-Pen support with a rubber tip and better touch response.

While the phablet is scheduled for its release in the market around September 22, 2012, the company has also confirmed that Galaxy Note 2 will come in three configurations – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, each with a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to 32GB. 

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Sequel of Angry Bird : Bad Piggies Created By Rovio | Arriving on 27th Sept Video Review

Angry bird rovio Bad Piggies

Rovio’s upcoming mobile game set to launch later this month i.e. Angry Birds Sequel Bad Piggies Arriving 27th September. Instead of simply churning out another Angry Birds, they've decided to make a game called Bad Piggies that lets you play as the villainous green pigs.

Nokia Lumia 820 And 920 | Windows Phone 8 Leaked | Review

Nokia Lumia 920 Pure View

Images of the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices leaked by @evleaks. According to the tweets, the images belong to the Nokia Lumia 820 and to the Lumia 920 handsets.

Facebook New IOS App Version 5.0 | Download And Review

Facebook IOS Version 5.0 Facebook IOS Version 5.0

Facebook for iOS has been updated to version 5.0 and has been rebuilt so it’s faster and easier to use. Here  is the link for downloading to iPhone, iPad.