iblazr: A Mobile Phone External Flash | Capture Bright Pictures from Android and iPhone Device

iblazr Mobile Phone Flash

Most smartphones internal flash are not powerful in capturing bright and brilliant pictures from your Android and iOS based devices. Low-end smartphones that have good camera but don't have flash, you can end up with dark pictures, and this is today's device that can help your mobile camera.

iblazr is the name of this product. iblazr mobile phone flash comes with four powerful LEDs, one 3.5 mm headphone connector and it is compatible with all Android and iOS devices camera applications. iblazr is easy to setup, you need to connect it to 3.5 mm headphone jack.

iblazr Flash

Once you connect ibazr to smart phone, this will work till you connected to headphone jack and the biggest thing is, it won't suck your phone battery because it comes with its own rechargeable battery that gives continues LED light up to 40 minutes. iblazr is easy to charge with a USB.

iblazr is an interesting device, connect with your device, use with rear and front-facing camera as well during video calls. However, we have no information on availability and price yet.