Asus N43SL-DH51 | Specification | Price | Review

Asus N43SL-DH51 – If you are an Asus fans and also gamer too, laptop gaming from Asus would not be something strange in your ears since it is very popular in gamer ears around the world. Now Asus has released their newer laptop called Asus N43SL-DH51. This Asus N43SL-DH51 is also known as Jay Chou Special edition laptop. Why is it called so? Because Asus has a partnership with a Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou. If you are an American audiences, you might known him as “Kato” in last year’s The Green Hornet, that was his best known movie in America. Jay Chou got his billing payment as the inspiration of the Asus N43SL-DH51. Well, if you are a skeptical person, you should know that this Asus N43SL-DH51 is more than its beauty and pretty appearances. Asus N43SL-DH51 offering an Intel Core i5 processor with Nvidia graphics, and a Blu-ray/DVD combo drive, what are you thinking about now people? The whole package of this Asus N43SL-DH51 offers a lot of good hardware in a great and good looking package.

Asus N43SL-DH51′s design is unique for sure, especially its front cover lid. Asus N43SL-DH51 uses a burnished black plastic and it is etched with a gold-painted scrolling medallion design, kungfu typical sign if you are watching those kungfu movies from China. You can also find a sheet music from Jay Chou’s own music (well, he is actually also famous as a singer too in Taiwan beside as an actor), and also you will get the original Jay Chou’s signature.

You will find something interesting too on the tile keyboard of this Asus N43SL-DH51. The J-key is having a different letter formaat and it is lettered with a Baroque-style letter J. Asus N43SL-DH51 uses a 14-inch widescreen display with its 1366 x 768 resolution. You can take this Jay Chou laptop by paying US$969.99.